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Welcome to a pug's cyber kennel of pup stuff! *curly tail wagging

Here you will find thoughts and dialogue regarding human pups, pup play, and some of this pug's personal experiences as a human pup not to mention some writings from those that have handled and/or attempted to train this pug!

If you are not familiar with human pups or human dogs, here is my explanation of human pups/dogs and pup play:

A human pup/dog is someone that takes on the partial or full mindset and energy of a biological pup/dog and will perceive and respond to his/her surroundings as a dog/pup would. Exploring pup play often enables a person to let go of their human hang-ups and live 'in the moment'. It gives the human dog/pup the opportunity to thoroughly amplify and explore the most basic of human responses.

For the sake of simplicity, human pups or human dogs are simply called pups or dogs throughout the rest of this webpage and connected writings.

In my earlier years of pupness i would sometimes explain pup play as a form of role play and, for some people, it simply is just that. There is absolutely nothing wrong with role playing, yet i struggled with defining my pupness and pup play as role play because it never felt like acting or role playing to me. In truth, i'd make a lousy actress! So if being a pup is not role playing for me, what is it? It was actually through my spiritual explorations that i came to understand what being a pup and pup play truly are for me. i discovered that the concept of shapeshifting much more aptly described what i was experiencing when i would transition into full pup mode.

From my perspective, shapeshifting is not some overly-mystical 'woo woo' concept. Rather, it is the effort of shifting my abilities/energy so that i view and respond to my surroundings in a different way than i typically would. There are many ways that humans shapeshift, often unconsciously: ever been somewhere and wanted to avoid someone seeing you so you tried to melt into your surroundings and not stand out? Some folks are far more adept at the effort of shapeshifting than others are, but mostly it just takes practice and a willingness to be open and vulnerable to the experience. You must be able to trust yourself to allow yourself to delve fully into the experience. It isn't always easy. For myself, the energy of a pup is a natural aspect of who i am and far easier to shift my energy to compared to other types of animal energies. i often find myself 'wagging my tail' when i am happy about something - which can look a bit odd if you are dressed in a business suit standing in the middle of your office!

i stumbled across a paragraph called, "The Shape Shifter" on the Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering website found at http://www.iase.cc/future.htm. The paragraph about the Shape Shifter is about a scientific concept yet, in my view, the concept can easily be related to our own cell structures and ability to shapeshift. It is a melding of the seemingly-ethereal and scientific. The very first sentence of the author's introduction is something well worth quoting:

"Our ability to imagine must always exceed our physical grasp; every conscious action is preceded by thought." ~ "The Shape of Things to Come", Author: Forrest Bishop, http://www.iase.cc/future.htm

So feel free to sniff about, chew on a boot and muse about what is shared here. Who knows? You may read something that gives you 'paws' for thought. i have been told that i might be barking up the wrong tree, but when it comes to pup play i make no bones about my views. i remain doggedly determined to share my views. Oh sure, i can be a bit pug-nacious at times and some may even consider me a pug-ilist, but what is shared within this website is for paw-sterity. Just keep an open mind and anything is paw-sible!


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