Pup and Trainer
Training Agreement
August 2002


Pup Training Recitals of Agreement

Both pup and Trainer recognize, acknowledge and agree that, the following statements are true and applicable, at all times, to any and all individuals participating in this process:

i. Family is the first priority.
ii. Personal relationships with others are respected and upheld to the highest degree of consideration.
iii. Freedom to speak, be heard and respected for opinions will be upheld.
iv. Non-judgmental beliefs will be upheld to the highest degree.
v. Participants will remain open, honest and respectful at all times with one another.
vi. Responsibility is taken for one's own words and actions: verbally and nonverbally.
vii. Participants will honor and respect each other's rights and wishes for confidentiality and anonymity, except in cases where the life of one or either parties is endangered.
viii. Training and/or interaction may be altered or modified, as mutually agreed upon, to accommodate the special needs and interests of the participants.
ix. Participants will share questions, concerns and thoughts and will not expect others to guess their thoughts.

Goals and Objectives

i. Explore, understand and work towards a greater understanding of one's self, as it pertains to pup training.
ii. Work within an understanding that training is an equal and mutual learning experience for both parties.
iii. Focus on the journey together.
iv. Maintain humor throughout the process.
v. Have fun.
vi. Play.

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