Pup Training
Writing Assignment Outline
Written by: Slave Robert, Copyright: August 2002


a) Describe your breed from a factual research and personal perspective.
b) Write about each of your current pets and share a significant story of something they have done. How are they the same? How are they unique?
c) Discuss your breed's personality traits from a human understanding and perspective.
d) Discuss all of the pets you can remember from your childhood. What was your favorite and why?
e) What draws you to your breed?
f) Describe the first time you felt the pup within you.
g) What qualities does your human side have, if any, that are like the breed you identify with?
h) Discuss another dog breed that you are attracted to and why.
i) Is there a breed of dog you do not care for? Why? How are they different from your breed?
j) What treats do you give your pets? When do you give them and why?
k) Have you ever tried to train your pets? If so, discuss the process and successes. If not, why?
l) What is a typical day in the life of your pets?

a) Discuss your pup self and puppy play from a general lifestyle and personal perspective as it relates to the following general areas:
.....i) Physical
.....ii) Mental
.....iii) Emotional
.....iv) Spirtual
.....v) Sexual/sensual
.....vi) Other
b) What qualities do you feel all pups have in common, if any?
c) How are you unique from other pups in the lifestyle?

a) What is training?
b) Why should or shouldn't a biological pup be trained? Why should or shouldn't a human pup be trained?
c) Define and Discuss your thoughts and feelings about the following commands:
.....i) Heal
.....ii) Fetch
.....iii) Sit
.....iv) Stay
.....v) No
.....vi) Good dog
.....vii) Bad dog
.....viii) Roll over
.....ix) Beg
.....x) Come
d) Discuss show dogs, tricks and training for show dogs.
e) What, if any, tricks would you be willing to learn?
f) Why would a trainer use non-word commands? What do you feel are the benefits or drawbacks from understandable human English phrases vs. nonverbal or other language terms?
g) Why would a pup be punished?
h) Should punishment for disobedience in pup training be a part of training? Why or why not?
i) Discuss forms of punishment in pup play (experienced, heard about, or witnessed).
j) Discuss rewards for good behavior in pup training.
k) Are there rewards for good behavior after coming out of pup mode?
l) What limits and boundaries do you have for your training?
m) Should training gear, such as choke collars, muzzles or other types be used or not used in training?

a) What qualities do you look for in a Trainer?
b) Discuss the similarities and differences between Trainer, Handler and Owner.
c) Can pups train pups while in pup mode? Why or why not?

a) Do you feel any needs in pup mode?
b) How do you communicate in pup mode:
.....i) Verbal
.....ii) Non-verbal
.....iii) Para-verbal
.....iv) Physical
c) Discuss three memorable moments in pup play (mode). Why were they memorable?
d) Is there anything you have ever wanted to experience in your pup play that you have not been able to do yet?
e) What are your favorite human pup treats?
f) What are your favorite toys and why?
g) Discuss types of toys that work or don't work for you.
h) What is the longest time spent in pup mode? Do you have any desire for a 24-hour experience? Why or why not?

Discuss your feelings about the various forms of pup gear:
a) Knee pads
b) Elbow pads
c) Mitts
d) Collars
e) Choke chains
f) Muzzles
g) Foot pads
h) Butt plug tails
i) Ears
j) Strap on tails
k) General clothing or costume
l) Other

Discuss your thoughts and feelings about the following as it relates to you in both pup and human perspectives:
a) Discuss sexual, erotic or sensuality in pup play.
b) What are your feelings about nudity in pup play?
c) What are your feelings about the following s/m-related activities as it relates to pup play or training:
.....i) Piss play.
.....ii) Scat.
.....iii) Forms of bestiality (human on pup, pup on human, pup on pup, and your feelings of bestiality in general).
.....iv) Anal plugs.
.....v) Cages.
.....vi) Physical vet exams.
.....vii) Other play styles that you have heard of whether or not they hold interest for you during pup play?

Having completed each of the sections within this outline what, if anything, have you learned about yourself, your pupness, or our relationship in training? Are there any new perspectives or revelations that came to light in the process? Discuss in a summary, the process of doing this academic aspect of training.

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