My First Two-legged Puppy
Written by: Eric, May 2001


I attended the Avatar meeting wondering what puppy training was about. Knowing the speaker, Brian Dawson, I had presumed it was a form of SM, which to me means that some sort of pain or humiliation would be involved. To my surprise this was not the case. I began to suspect what was up when I saw the studly pup Hunter sitting behind Brian panting in a sitting position with a blank wandering stare on his face. Hunter has a hot bod and was naked except for leather paws, a collar, and tied up balls. Woof (so to speak). The scene struck me as being a total escape from day to day worries. With a male pup I would certainly want to involve some sex in the scene, just as Hunter seemed to want as he licked my crotch at the meeting and a few other guys too.

Pug made some comments at the meeting, and I said hi to her there. I got to know her better at the Bullet Bar, where the club members and attendees gather after meetings. She seemed to really understand the scene, but had hardly ever gotten a chance to do it. I asked her if she would like to come home and try it with me. That's when I recalled one aspect of playing with a woman that I had seen in college. Asking and getting are two different things. That evening was out. But I could ask her master. She also wound up wanting references. This is where my history as a slut came in handy. I definitely had some. She presented some too, one of which we both knew. I wrote here master, who seemed undisturbed that I am an escort. He set out some very reasonable rules, and I consented to them. Before getting together Pug and I discussed a few more guidelines for the scene. No 'walks' outside was one idea of mine.

She arrived in a sparkling clean SUV, smartly dressed from work, looking good. For my part I had had the carpet cleaned, that hand print by the sling was beginning to bother me. A clean floor is a good courtesy to pups, since they will be down on it. She was as excited as could be and a bit nervous. She changed into skin tights, leaving the fancy dress hanging on one of the chains of the sling. That looked really strange. I put on the paw covers, snapped on the collar, and the scene began.

While cleaning up lunch before the scene, I had an idea for one of the baby back pork rib bones I was about to throw away. I cleaned the meat and gristle off it and laid it by her food and water dishes. A K-9 garnish. It became the perfect throw and fetch toy. I tossed it, and true to form she would bring it back, and resist letting go of it! We did that off and on throughout the scene.

Now I think that the relationship between a dog and its owner is greatly reinforced with food. So, I had prepared dinner. This dinner could be eaten by mouth alone: no chicken bones, no corn on the cob, etc. Also I had procured some treats: sweet dried fruits and ice cream bon-bons. The treats were for training. I forget a woman is not likely to chow down as much as a 195 lb. man who trains with weights a lot. She ate surprisingly small portions. Quite unlike most owners of 4-legged dogs, I ate what SHE left over!

She was mischievous and wandering. I have a 1-bedroom condo that is large and she found most far corners of it, from kitchen to bedroom. Also, whatever is on the floor is at risk of being tampered with. For that reason, I had blocked off the path behind my desk where the jumble of computer wires lay. I really enjoyed watching her play with the newspapers, laundry and my boots. Actually, I had meant to wear those boots, but forgot. A client arrived later, and I was still dressed (yikes!) in sneakers. She responded in a very realistic way to my attempts to train her to sit up and beg, and come when called. Sometimes she paid attention, other times was in another world. As with a real dog, I always directly reward with a treat and praise OR indirectly reward with praise alone. I just ignored lack of response to my cues. The cues for coming when called were the words "come here" and patting my legs.

When I discovered her on my bed with my boots, I got up there and patted and rubbed her. These boots mean sex to me, and that body contact was a surprise sexual element to this scene at that point. I also rubbed my shirtless chest across here upturned belly. I just wore jeans and sneakers for the whole scene. Later I sat and she curled up on the couch in front of the TV. There was cozy body contact for that interlude.

Finally, after three hours, it was time to wrap up the scene. I think three hours is a good time for getting to know one another in such a scene. I took the collar and mitts off, and asked her to stand up. We talked a bit after that and then I saw her back down to the garage. My client was due any minute and I still felt a bit strange about having a woman over to my place. Imagine if the dress had been left on the sling! It was a fun evening, and a good introduction to puppy training. I really love making people happy in ways like this. She brought me a present of 50 pure paraffin candles in appreciation, and a nice card. Now who... I mean what... can I do with all those candles?

~ Eric

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